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Get Your Home Ready For Spring

Spring is only a few weeks away. And as the temperature begins to rise and the snow starts to melt, this is the perfect time to start planning to get your home ready for the new season. As we all know, winter can be brutal on our home. That’s why it’s important to inspect your house and assess any damage that may have occurred and make make sure problems are addressed. Here are some tips on specific areas of your home that might need some spring maintenance.

The Roof

While some problems can be easily seen, others may be more difficult to discover. Take a good look at your roof and keep an eye out for cracked or missing shingles. It’s also important to keep a look out for any movement in shingles and any excessive buildup of debris. If you are unsure or think that it might be time to replace your roof, contact your preferred professional for expert advise.

The Foundation

Spring is the perfect time to walk the exterior of your home. Keep an eye out for cracks along your foundation. If you discover an issue, it’s best to leave this one to the professionals. A crack in the foundation can lead to larger problems. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to tackle the problem immediately.


The Windows

Ensure that your windows are ready for the warmer weather. Ensure that there aren’t any leaks around the windows. This way, you don’t let the warm air in and are able to contain the cool air in your home. Make sure that the caulking and weather stripping is in good condition. If you discover that condensation has been building inside the glass during the winter months, the weather seal might be compromised. This may mean that the glass or window should be replaced.


The Pipes

Look for leaks around your home. Check under your kitchen and bathroom sinks to ensure that all connections are secure and sealed. Watch for water stains around appliances like your dishwasher and make sure that your washing machine hoses aren’t cracked. Keeping a continued eye out for water damage will help ensure that larger problems don’t arise in your home.

The Air Conditioning Unit

After having your heat pumping for most of the winter, now it’s time to make sure that your air conditioning unit is ready for summer. Change the filter, check hose connections, and ensure that drain pans are working properly.

The Basement

The last thing you want is dampness in your basement. Check the base of your walls for cracks or signs of water damage. Use a flashlight to investigate any exposed framing. If you use your basement on a regular basis, you are more likely to notice any issues. However, if you have an unfinished basement that is unused, make sure you are keeping an eye out-especially as the snow begins to melt!

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